Thursday, June 14, 2012

Personal Update

Hello Everybody!

I hope everyone is well ♥.
I've been in a bit of a transitional state...

As of right now,
I'm working at a retail outlet
and trying to readjust to life in my hometown,
post-college graduation.

I'm not going to lie --- it's been rough.
It's still rough.
It's a very odd feeling - not knowing what to do next.
And the economy isn't very forgiving right now,
so jobs are scarce (even if you're qualified).

Which is why we have to fight.
All of us.
Anyone with a dream.
Anyone who won't settle for whatever is left over.

We have to fight for what we love.
And it's going to be hard, but...

Imagine how life would be if you accepted everything that was handed to you.

I'm seeking to make an adjustment.
To refocus on what I want in life,
now that I finally get to choose and my accomplishments aren't fueled by a letter-grade.

Anyway ♥.
I'm still testing out new products/trends whenever I get a chance.

This is what I've been into as of late:

  1. Fifi Lapin - how adorable! A fashionable bunny with a background story! I love it ♥. I really want to get my hands on her book. It's like a high fashion lookbook, but the outfits are easy to emulate using similar silhouettes from different brands.
  2. Jean Jackets - on my way to work, I passed the cutest studded jean jacket in Forever 21 and I just had to have it! The way I feel about jean jackets is similar to the way some women feel about little black dresses or trench coats - it's an item no woman should be without. So add some studs and I'm in!
  3. Wedge Booties - a trend that I'm so thankful for (and definitely will add to my updated Fashion Staples list!). Wedge booties add a funky edge to any outfit and come in many colors/fabrics. It never ceases to amaze me how designers can put such creative spins on these shoes. In case any of you are interested in rocking some wedge booties, a friend of mine is selling a very unique pair here.

But on a random note,
someone posted part of Kaskade's set from the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, so I listened to it (mostly because everyone kept talking about it ♥).

I was instantly hooked!
I don't know much about EDC...
Has anyone reading ever been before?
Fill me in! How was it ♥?

Also, keep me posted if you've been trying any of the products I've listed!
I'm excited to hear your results!

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