Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Years Party Tips


Hello All~!

It's almost that time again - celebration time!
Can't believe we're only a couple days away from a new year...
have you gotten your party outfit ideas together?

If not, don't fret!
We still have a little time,
so allow me to make a few suggestions...

1. Statement Shoes

(Fendi Spring 14 RTW, images courtesy of 

You've seen them before -
the shoes that make you stop dead in your tracks and stare in amazement.
Shoes such as these are considered to be a statement piece -
the main focus (and usually, most intricate element) of an outfit.

What I like most about statement shoes is that you don't have to overdo it!

*Habibti's Tip - Pick a color that is also reflected in your statement shoes.
Pair the shoes with a simple dress or top and bottom that also reflect that color.
If the 'statement' of the shoes is more structural than colorful, choose neutral colors.
If you're going to choose patterned clothing, go for a minimal, subdued pattern.
Keep the outfit tapered, comfortable, and classic;
same goes for the make-up and the [optional] jewelry - natural, soft, and classy.
Don't worry about matching! Keep it simple, fun, and chic!

2. Rose Gold Accents
Ladies, rose gold was a frequently featured color this year.
After all, why not?
It's classy, feminine, and unexpected.
It's so easy to add a little hint of a warm, rose-tinted gold accent to your outfit!
*Habibti's Tip - Now, don't get me wrong,
I'm all for a rose gold dress with complimenting accessories and such,
but if you just want a bit of the color here and there,
you may just want to add in rose gold accessories.
My favorites? Seychelles's Thyme Metallic Wedges (there's a bit of black in these shoes to cool it down, in case the rose gold is too bright for your outfit).
And you guys know I'm a Bare Minerals girl ♥.
Try layering a bit of Bare Minerals's Rise Up lipstick with either a warm rose colored lipliner, lipgloss or even another lipstick (like the feel of the Rise Up lipstick? Try layering with Get Ready.)
3. Bright Eyes
And no, I don't mean 'bright' as in neon, 80's eyes (not that the look didn't have its time and place),
but 'bright' as in awake, luminous, gorgeous eyes.
You're going to a party or some kind of shindig, right?
You don't want to look as if you're lacking sleep from working crazy hours during the holiday season
(coughcough, not pointing any fingers...)
*Habibti's Tip - There are plennnnty of avenues you can explore to achieve this look.
My favorite right now is the VS Pro Magic FX Quad from none other than Victoria's Secret.
The pigments are light enough to not be overpowering in hue,
yet shimmery and with a hint of each color.
Blend a little into the corners of your lids or all over the lid, if you like.
Be sure to play around with the shadows first, until you find the look you like best.
(Major tip - when doing a full face of make-up, do your eyes first! If you make a mistake, you can clean it up without wiping away foundation, blush, bronzer, etc.)
Remember, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars for an outfit that you may only wear once.
Check your closet! What about that sparkly dress you bought on sale and never wore?
There are plenty of ways to put together a show-stopping outfit,
so don't limit yourself!
Unsure or just want a second opinion?
Feel free to comment below!
I can't wait to hear about your perfect New Years outfit!
xoxo Habibti

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