Monday, April 8, 2013

Personal Update

Happy (extremely) Belated New Year!

How's the year been for you so far?
I've been learning so much,
testing out new products and looks,
as well as being introduced to the world of cosmetics.

Although I've had an interest in the beauty industry for a while now,
now I've begun to experiment with it and enjoy it
as I understand more and more how it is married to fashion.

This year has posed new challenges for me.
It can be daunting to take on something that will require a different skill set.
Or maybe the skills required aren't totally different,
but upgraded versions of what you already possess.
Either way, there's a learning curve
(as there is with almost everything).

In addition to discovering more about the world around me,
I've become a student of learning more about myself -
which has been overwhelming, at times.
To feel somewhat the same as the years pass,
but notice subtle differences which become complete turnarounds
over time has been a part of life is as spectacular
as it is frightening.

It really has caused me to take a step back
and I'm so grateful for those who have stuck by me
all this time.

Family, friends, readers...

I'm humbled by your steadfastness.
I love you completely.

xoxo Habibti

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