Sunday, December 16, 2012

Habibti's Party Ideas

Hello All!

It's been a while, and honestly,
I can't believe we're in the middle of December!

A new year is right around the corner!
So, I know everyone is planning to host or attend a fancy shindig, right?
Deep, rich, jewel tones mixed with metallics and sparkles - diggin' it right now.
I've been itching to share my latest beauty/fashion faves with you all -
just in time for the festivities!

Beauty/Fashion Party Ideas
Gloss : L'Absolu Mat Cashmere Midnight Roses, Lips Makeup
L'Absolu Crème de Mat by Lancome (from Midnight Roses collection in Prune Elixir) - A+
I mentioned my fondness for wine-colored lips in a previous post and I've finally found the perfect match! Prune Elixir (albeit, an odd sounding name for the perfect lip gloss) is a beautiful, rich plum color that provides even coverage and longlasting wear. I shied away from this gloss when I first saw it because I thought it might be too dark or appear to be too deep of a purple. However, after seeing it against my own skin and on other skin tones, I've come to find that this gloss is an all-around favorite! Still think it's not quite the right shade for you? Check out the other colors in the collection. I'm sure you'll find a shade that works for you. I highly recommend this line.
OPI Skyfall Nail Polish - Golden Eye - HL D07OPI Skyfall Nail Polish - You Only Live Twice - HL D11
Skyfall Collection by OPI (in Golden Eye and Skyfall) - A+
I'm a Bond enthusiast. I can credit my father for that. Needless to say, I rushed out to see the latest Bond movie, Skyfall. The beauty looks in the movie are incredible! Ironically, I listed the Living Daylights polish in my last post without even knowing it was part of the line. But, Séverine's nails in the movie's glamorous bar scene - a dark rosewood color with gold painted on the backs of the nails - won me over! Unfortunately, my nails aren't long enough to try the complete look, but I bought colors anyway ♥. The front of Séverine's nails in the bar scene is OPI's Skyfall (a fitting name). OPI also came out with a gold polish called Golden Eye. Unlike other gold polishes I've tried, this polish is very pigmented, but still understated - like a deep goldenrod, made of tiny golden glitter that doesn't leave a grainy texture once the polish dries. But again, check out the entire collection! You won't be disappointed - all of the polishes are gorgeous.
Kate Landry Social Jeweled Minaudiere Evening Bag
Jeweled Minaudiere Evening Bag by Kate Landry (in Beige/Gold)
Nothing says 'celebration time' like a jeweled bag or clutch. While I don't own this clutch, the chunky clear jewels on a structured bag is a great idea to bring the new year in with style! The price might leave you reeling for a sec, but don't fret! Like I've mentioned before, it's not the exact item/look that matters, but your creative spin on it! Check out other bedazzled handbags. DIY your own. Go shopping for a vintage sparkly bag. There are so many options!
* Habibti's Tip - Concerned your arm candy won't match the outfit? Accessorize with basic silver or gold jewelry and match your bag accordingly (gold/warm colored bag with gold jewelry; silver/cool colored bag with silver jewelry).
Libby Edelman Willow Sandal
Willow Sandal by Libby Edelman
I don't know what it is about sparkles that makes me think of New Year's... maybe it reminds me the glittery fireworks. Libby Edelman's glammed out sandals are perfect for a party - pretty and classy, but not over the top. These shoes are 4 inches high, so if you're uncomfortable with the height, look for a gravity-friendly alternative. Flats work just as well and are just as glamorous!
Hope you got a few ideas from this post!
I'm so excited for the new year ♥.
Anyone already have a few outfits planned?
Let me in on your ideas!
xoxo Habibti

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