Monday, April 8, 2013

Habibti's Style Icon - Diana Ross

Hello, Fashionistas!
I'm back and running on all cylinders!
Lately, I've been a bit nostalgic -
longing for the sparkling disco globes
and reverberating glittery floors of a past era.
Although I did not witness this era firsthand,
memorabilia, libraries, museums,
and not to mention, fashion icons of that time,
have aided me in recreating looks from one of my favorite time periods.
Guess I'm just wanting my disco inferno moment...
because I have to dedicate this post to
one of my all-time favorite style icons, Diana Ross.
(Counter clockwise: Antik Batik Carmea dress, Marc by Marc Jacobs Platform sandals in copper, Johnny Loves Rosie glitter box clutch, NP Set All That Glitters duos in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo)
Voluminous curls, platform glitter sandals, and sequin dresses -
I'm diggin' it!
(And again, friends,
budget-friendly versions of inspired outfits can be found everywhere!)
Fashion is a cycle -
what's out of style today will be right back in style tomorrow
(with creative tweaks and liberties taken by designers).
So, if you've seen some of these outfits before,
perhaps in your own closet,
don't throw them out because they're not being featured in your favorite magazines.
Wear them whenever you feel like it
and bring a vintage statement back to life ♥.
Who/what has been inspiring your fashion statements lately?
xoxo Habibti

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