Monday, July 30, 2012

Habibti's Fashion (and Beauty) Pick-Me-Up

Hello Everyone!

While mulling over the newest issue of my favorite magazine, Nylon,
I came across a very beautiful and inspirational page about Pamela Love's Spring 2012 collection.

Take a look!

(Above images taken from

What I really love about this collection is how thorough everything is.
Although Love is a jewelry designer, if one were to see the presentation of her work,
it may appear to be a fashion show or even a beauty showcase.

Love was greatly influenced by North African colors, prints and symbols for this collection.
In order to present her collection in a way that flows,
she wanted the hair, make-up, and clothing to reflect the jewelry's aesthetic.

While the images and overall shapes of the jewelry was inspired by Moroccan culture,
the make-up was an adaptation of a tribal Berber woman's wedding make-up
(warm, jewel-toned colors and mascara for a dramatic eye look as well as a line drawn down the center of the bottom lip)
and the clothing was a fusion of African and old Americana themes
(please note, the turban and the cowboy hat - I love it).

As a result, she created a unique culturally-infused line
and I'm in love!
I'd really like to get my hands on a piece or two from this collection,
but until then,
I'm definitely planning on taking fashion and beauty cues from the color palette she used!
Warm, strong hues and dark mascara,
plus North Africa meets the Old West!

What do you fashionistas think?
Loving anything in specific from this collection?

xoxo Habibti

P.S. - Head over heels for Love? Check out more of her work here!

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