Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fashion Insight: Becoming Your Own Project

Hello Dolls!

I hope everyone is well!
I've been a bit preoccupied with a new project as of late,
and ironically,
the project is me!

That sounds odd, I know.
But my style has changed quite a bit over the past few years
and upon looking at my closet,
I've realized that it's in desperate need of an upgrade.

That being said,
I thought I'd share a few tried-and-true tips on how to go about this process!

Project YOU: 101

1. What do you like? What interests you? What do you find beautiful or unique?
The first step to accomplishing anything is to have a goal -
to know what you want to achieve in the end.
Unsure about what you like? Maybe you have a few ideas, but not a full picture?
Check your resources! Read fashion magazines, visit your favorite stores, look around you ♥.
You'll be sure to have some ideas, even if you come up with more thoughts of what you don't like.
It's a start and you'll know what to avoid once you begin to pick out pieces for yourself.

Magazines can provide a great start

2. No comparisons, please! I can tell you, honestly, that I got a lot of great ideas
from my favorite fashion icons. But after buying a few inspired clothing items
and putting them on, the outcome was nothing like the image I had in my head.
That's ok! You're not meant to look exactly like someone else. If you're inspired by a look
someone else tried and it doesn't turn out how you planned, make it work for you!
If you go into a store and see an outfit you like on a mannequin, don't expect to look like the mannequin. Mannequins are props, placed in stores to give a general idea of a trend or look.
They're put in stores to help you, not hurt you. Don't go scoping out the mannequin,
wishing you had the perfect body. You are YOU. Naturally, everyone notices things about themselves that they'd like to work on. That's ok, too. Everything takes time.

Receive the inspiration, repel the negativity
3. Be patient. Creating a style that you love and are comfortable with will take time. Embrace the process. Pick up an outfit when you can or maybe just a few staple pieces to build on. As you continue, you will definitely notice a difference and you'll be proud of the unique style you've created. Remember who you're doing this for - this is about you. Creating something you can be proud of. Have fun with this! It's not supposed to be stressful. It's a labor of love because you value yourself enough to be the best you that you can be ♥.
Just a note -
If you're like me and it's sometimes easier to think of fashionable ideas for others,
step outside of yourself. Think of yourself as someone you're helping.
Put your ideas on paper, sketch things out, make collages... whatever works for you.
Remember to take the details (such as color, fit, and garment cut) into consideration.
Not all brands fit alike, so try things on if you're unsure.
You want the fit to flatter and compliment your shape, not to send out the wrong messages.
I wish you all the best and hope you find inspiration!
xoxo Habibti
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  1. I'm currently looking to define my own 'style'. My mother has suggested that I watch HSN during their Fashion Clearance Event when they go through dozens of fashion designers so I can see what pieces I like and develop an image of what style I would like to develop in my closet. I think this is a great alternative to those with slow internet and lacking magazine subscriptions.

    1. Thank you, Nzinga! Your mom has given you great advice, as designers tend to create a signature aesthetic and create collections around that vision. If you aren't much of a shopper or into magazines, you may come across a designer whose aesthetic interests you on channels like HSN. is another great option - the collections are shown in slideshow format and you can also look back on older collections to derive inspiration ♥.